AVOTOPIA exists to propagate the world's finest avocado trees


Combining the most innovative rootstocks and scions with revolutionary on farm networks to drive data back to the farmer. Cultural management practices to build the farms of the future with the expertise to guide development of systems around irrigation, environmental controls, and trellising.


Working with global partners and customers, we are creating the world’s largest collaborative platform around the advancement of farming techniques and commercial research. Curating modern collections of material and engaging on farm trials to share insight with today’s global growers in conventional and emerging regions.


We have created a network of excellence to guide the next revolution in modern farming. We honor all relationships from a foundation of trust, transparency, and collaboration. We look to the future and learn from the past to provide unrelenting paths to ultimate success.

About us

Avotopia represents a revolution in the propagation of modern avocado rootstocks and scions. Using forward thinking technology and access to the most relevant global IP, we are creating an environment for success in a remarkably diverse and challenging agricultural age.

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